Construction Management

For over two decades, Qualified Builders has been a leader in commercial construction in the southeast. Whether it is new or remodel construction we provide some of the most efficient and thoughtful construction services in the region. For contracted clients or a fee for those who are exploring options, we offer additional support through suggestions for value engineering, substitutions, scheduling, and more, all recommended because of our years of experience and forward-thinking approach.

Our construction management services are handled with accuracy and skill. Upon receipt of the plans and specifications of each project, we review them thoroughly, double-checking take-offs, cataloging questions for RFIs, and if there are additional issues or concerns, we reach out to the Architect, Engineer, the client or even making a site visit to verify we have everything. It is important to partner with others involved to ensure that the client receives the most thorough and accurate bid.  We invest a lot of  time in the bid process on the front end so we can prevent any complications and help limit or prevent change orders.

Our Additional Services