Construction Services

New or remodel construction projects are our forte–we dig into the project plans, scope, cultivate questions, ensure we have everything we need to provide the best possible price and schedule. We review previous projects built in the area of the current project bidding to ensure we are aware of local municipality requirements that may impact the project.

Once we have been awarded the project through punch out, we partner with the client to provide the highest quality product on time and on budget. We want a client forever not just for one project.

We also provide a fee based service to review plans; value engineering; scheduling and consulting for those exploring potential projects or locations.


Construction Management

For over two decades, Qualified Builders has been a leader in commercial construction in the southeast. Whether it is new or remodel construction we provide some of the most efficient…


Remodeling can bring an element of the unknown. Whether it is a situation where the plans do not match the current structure, additional requirements at the last minute by local…

New Construction

  Just as Wendy's selected QB as one of three general contractors in the US to build their initial new prototypes, we can be your preferred builder too! A new…