About Us

Qualified Builders, Inc. is a Commercial General Contractor that specializes in one story, ground-up projects whether it is retail, office, fuel or hospitality. We focus on building in the states of TN, SC, NC, GA, and VA. By staying in these areas, it allows us to build strong relationships with subs, vendors and local officials to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Qualified Builders was founded with the goal to provide better general contracting services by including the client, subs, vendors, and local officials to achieve the best final product on time and on budget. Since our inception in 1996, we’ve done just that.

Qualified Builders has offices in Knoxville, TN and Raleigh, NC.

Our Construction Services Include

  • New Construction
  • Partial or Full Remodel

Cornerstones of QB

Just like any structure, it is important to have a firm foundation. The company cornerstones serve as our firm foundation. No matter the role or responsibility, the cornerstones apply to each QB Associate.

Quality- First and foremost a quality product, service or interaction is the goal.

Quick- We work quickly. Whether we’re returning a phone call or completing a project, we do it efficiently and without sacrificing quality results.

Partnering- We know that working together with clients, subcontractors, vendors, local officials and others is essential to a healthy business relationship and is the only way to achieve quality results on time and on budget.

Pride- At the end of the day we want everyone involved in the project to be proud of the work and accomplishment.